Sample chapter for The book of OpenLayers3 is out !!!

A couple of days ago I release the sample chapter for The book of OpenLayers3. I will appreciate all your feedback, comments, ideas, …

The chapter is dedicated to two of the main concepts within the OpenLayers3, the map and the view. While in previous versions the map was the central piece that controls from layers or controls to the way the map is visualized, that is, the extension and projection to be used, in OpenLayers3 these responsibilities has been decouples. The map continues being responsible to contain layers, controls or (the new) overlays, but there is a new concept, the view, responsible to determine how the map is visualize. So the view is who determines the visible map extent, center location or projection.

Take into account OpenLayers3 is in active development so things can vary slightly until the final release of OpenLayers3 and this book.

Help me promoting the book and remember I’m waiting for your comments.

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2 Responses

  1. David January 29, 2014 / 20:13

    Great! One suggestion is to keep the codes on the same page as much as possible using a smaller font size and a different font style. It is much easier to read the code when all statements are on one page.

    • asantiago January 29, 2014 / 20:35

      The book presentation is limited to the capabilities of the Leanpub platform, but I will take into account.

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